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Council of European Municipalities and Regions.

Council of Europe site, can also be accessed via culture information site above.

European Commission site – European research and development and information on EU funding.       

Council of Europe site. Compendium of cultural policies and trends in Europe, links to European heritage network.                        

European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage. ‘New’ section has discussion forum on Linkedin. New website under construction                    

European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education.                 

European Network of Excellence in Open Cultural Heritage.                           

European Urban Knowledge Network. Eurocities and URBACT contribute to this site.

EU funds information site                           

European Urban Research Association.                   

Also has Eurocities – Urban matrix

The European Heritage Network - Council of Europe site. Focus on cultural heritage particularly architectural and archaeological.         

European Forum of Heritage Associations. Information network on European cultural heritage for the voluntary sector.                            

Worldwide organisation of local government. Sustainable development with emphasis on environmental issues.                       


OWHC (Organisation of World Heritage Cities) The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage      Information on EU funding opportunities




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Historic Towns Working Together



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